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Track app reviews and ratings

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App Intelligence

Be informed when your competitor has released a new version

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Top Listings

Track store lists and compare with your competitors

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Track keywords and compare with your competitors

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We provide you latest news about your app categories you compete

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“Maintaining a positive app reputation is non-negotiable.'s review tracking features were instrumental in managing our app's online reputation and building user trust.”

Leo M.

App Reputation Manager

“In the competitive gaming industry, gave us the edge. The targeted advertising helped us attract serious gamers and build a dedicated community.”

Marcus M.

Gaming Strategist

“If you have apps in the AppStore, this is a must have product. Hands down.”

Ryan M.

Marketing Specialist

“User engagement is closely tied to app reviews.'s review tracking features guided our engagement strategies, resulting in increased positive feedback and ratings.”

Adeline C.

App User Engagement Manager

Monitor performance, understand your competition and optimize for growth

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Harness the Power of User Feedback with Essential Reviews & Ratings Management

Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring

Unlock the Power of Review Insights

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Track Ratings

Track Ratings

Track your Ratings by country

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Actionable Insights from User Reviews

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Country Performance

Country Performance

Track and Analyze Mobile App Reviews by Country

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