Using Feedback for Better Results

One of the most important methods to be successful in ASO is to take advantage of user feedback. Because user feedback gives you tips on issues where you are advantageous and disadvantaged related to the App. Considering that users are your target audience for you, you should evaluate the feedback to achieve more successful results.

Importance of Feedback for ASO

User feedback is one of the most important details about ASO. At this point, as an App developer, you should use the tips from users to be successful. So, what kind of results does users' feedback provide?

A very large part of App Store users takes into account comments and reviews about the app they prefer. Because the experience of those who have used the app before is also a guide for the next ones. For the app developer, bad comments or low reviews should be a warning. After these warnings are taken into account, it becomes possible to produce solutions for missing or faulty parts. In addition, situations that the developer does not notice, but disturb users, are more easily detected.

How to Use Feedback for ASO

Do you want to have a hassle-free experience with App Store ranking and download thanks to ASO? In this case, what you need to pay attention to are only suggestions and warnings. If users do not like the design or the speed of the app, it is possible to achieve more ideal results by making improvements. On the other hand, it is necessary to evaluate that incorrect method of keyword selection directly affect the number of downloads.

For a perfect ASO strategy, you should not ignore the reviews about your mobile application. Otherwise, the result will not meet your expectations. Moreover, you also need to redefine your ASO strategy. Start re-evaluating your ASO strategy to achieve a more successful result thanks to Apptargets. Let's start to monitor your app reviews!