Use of Short Tails for ASO

Short tails are keywords with a high search volume. They are not often preferred alternatives for ASO. Because these words are too general, they also reveal problems related to optimization. For example, ’clothes' is covered by the short tail keyword. Using this word is not very useful for the app. Instead of doing this, it is more useful to choose options such as ‘men's clothes or ‘men's clothes for winter.

Short Tail vs. Long Tail Keywords

The short tail is not very preferred by app developers because the search volume is high for general keywords. On the contrary, long-tail keywords attract more attention because they are specific keywords. In this case, it is likely to achieve more successful results during app optimization. Because a search using the keyword 'clothes' can lead to different results. For example, it can be both difficult and misleading for users who want to buy men's clothing and are searching for a suitable app to access an optimized app with the keyword ‘clothes’. Because 'clothes' also apply to women's clothing. For this reason, using a long tail keyword always gives more successful results.

Ranking for Short Tail Keywords

Using short-tail keywords often does not yield results. However, to be successful in short tails keywords, you should use these words frequently within the scope of long-tail keywords. In this way, you can get the chance to reach more successful results related to both index and download. However, you should not exaggerate keyword repetition during optimization for the App Store. With this method, you can be successful in both keyword usage and organic traffic.

Do Short Tail Keywords Cause Negativity?

Using short-tail keywords creates a negative effect compared to long-tail keywords. For this reason, it is necessary to prefer long-tail keywords as much as possible. You can also achieve successful results with long tail keywords, which is the most ideal method in this regard.

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