The Importance of Android Vitals in ASO

If you want the application to successfully rank high in searches, you must first make sure that it is working properly. At this point, Android Vitals is one of the indicators that the application is working. Android vitals helps you understand and improve the stability, performance, battery usage, and other issues of your application.

Android Vitals is an initiative of Google related to improving the stability and performance of Android devices. At this point, users may cause the device to lose performance with various metrics while using the Android application. The data about this is displayed in the Android Vitals panel in the Google Play Console.

What Does Android Vitals Measure?

The values measured by Android Vitals are as follows:

  • Battery usage: Google Play penalizes apps that make excessive network usage in the background and make many wake locks.
  • Stability: Measures Crash and ANR rates and penalizes applications that make errors too repetitive.
  • Processing time: Collects data on the processing speed and the frequency of frozen screens.
  • Application start time: Measures the start timing of the application when the application is closed, open, or open with activity.
  • Refusal of permission

Why are Android Vitals Important in ASO?

Android Vitals has significance in ASO. The increased ANR error rate causes a loss in calls. At this point, applications and games in the Google Play Store are allowed to monitor performance. If this data exceeds the limits defined by Google, it will likely penalize the application or game making it less visible in its store.

The penalties that Google Play gives when Android Vitals is not good are not limited to reflecting only on keyword rankings. In addition, the average score of the application can also be negatively affected. An application with many bugs and errors will likely receive negative reviews and bad ratings from users who are dissatisfied with the quality of the product.

The Impact of Technical Errors on the App Store

The App Store does not show any action to restrict the app from being seen in searches due to the errors mentioned above. However, it would not be correct to characterize this as a direct relationship. Even if the App Store does not attribute error rates as a factor in visibility, frequent problems with the application directly affect user ratings and reviews. This is among the issues that prevent the use and download of the application.