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Whether you’re catching a flight, going out for the night, commuting to the office, or running errands in a rush, the Lyft app offers you multiple ways to get there.

Enter your destination. See your route and ride cost up front. Choose Priority Pickup to get going quick. Boom. Done. Simple

Choose from Wait & Save, Priority Pickup, Bikes & Scooters, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Transit, or even Rentals.

Our Wait & Save option helps you get around for less. And you can find the fastest public transit routes, too.

* Lyft ride types may vary by region. Check the app to see what is available in your city.

Prices vary based on market condition.

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What's new in v15.35.3

Lyft, Inc. released v15.35.3 for Lyft 5 days ago and here's their update message:

Thanks for using Lyft! We update our app regularly to make your rides even better. Every update of our Lyft app includes improvements in speed and reliability, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.

An overview about Lyft

Lyft is a ride sharing app that connects drivers with passengers for a seamless transportation experience. It offers a range of ride options, from shared rides to luxury black car service, all at an affordable price. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly request rides and track their driver's progress. With safety features such as driver background checks and real-time tracking, Lyft is a reliable choice for transportation needs.

Lyft from users' perspective

As a user, Lyft is my go-to ride sharing app. It's easy to use and I always feel safe with their extensive safety features. I appreciate the range of ride options, from shared rides to luxury service, as well as the ability to schedule rides ahead of time. The app's interface is intuitive and the driver ratings system ensures a consistently positive experience. Overall, I highly recommend Lyft for anyone looking for reliable and affordable transportation.

Comparing Lyft with similar Apps

Compared to other ride sharing apps like Uber, Lyft offers a more personalized and friendly experience. The in-app tipping feature encourages positive driver-passenger interaction and the option to leave feedback after the ride ensures driver accountability. Additionally, Lyft promotes a strong company culture and values, which is evident in their community initiatives and partnerships with local organizations. Overall, while similar to other ride sharing apps in function, Lyft stands out for its emphasis on positive and personable interactions.


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Lyft User Reviews

What users say about Lyft

Driver was changed 3 times

I ended up with a great driver but I was frustrated because my driver was changed three times causing my pick up time to be delayed. Why would Lyft change my driver three different times?? If it didn’t delay my pick up time it would’ve been fine but I was delayed 10 minutes because of it. Is there a glitch in the system? If so, it needs to be fixed.


Buddy's forever


Schedule snobs

There are some drivers who skip you just because they get more from scheduled Lyfts …it’s unfair and unfortunate for those like me who can barely afford to pay




Eunice Quiles

Excelente Servicio





Pro tip: if you’re looking to get picked up ASAP and Lyft says it’ll be there in 10 minutes and Uber says 20 minutes, order the Uber, it will always be there first. Not only does Lyft lie and claim your ride will be there twice as fast as it will, you’re lucky if the driver even actually picks you up. With Uber having lower prices recently, they are superior in every single facet of the market. More drivers, better service, shorter wait times, similar price. I genuinely can’t think of a single reason to use Lyft at this point which is why it was deleted today. This company is for sure going to go bankrupt, they’re worse than taxis at this point.




Love the accessibility

Really appreciate the accessibility of the app when using screening software. Kudos to your Access Tech team. Now if we could just solve the issue of picking up people with service dogs.


Patti pgc


Great experience every time!

Every driver I’ve had has been pleasant with a clean car. Got to my destination quickly and safely. Always close by; never had to wait long.




Great Service

Wesley, from Centennial, and Alfredo, from Denver, were my two drivers today. Both had clean, well maintained vehicles and were careful, excellent drivers. The charge for my rides was reasonable and the service was an excellent value.




Good people

Don’t find super cool people like this woman, thanks for everything 🙏🏾




Smooth ride

This young lady is a pleasure to ride with




The app lies about pick up times.

When the app says your pick up will be in three minutes it stays at three minutes for five or six minutes or more before it updates to two minutes. Can’t be trusted. Deceptive.


king customer 8


doodle2 doodle6

Ride easy with Lyft.

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