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PrizePicks - Daily Fantasy Sports Game

PrizePicks is the simplest, fastest, & most exciting daily fantasy sports game. You choose 2-6 players and pick the more/less on their projection - then watch the money roll in! This fantasy football season, sign up and use code PLAYBOOK for a 100% deposit match up to $100!


With PrizePicks, daily fantasy sports have never been easier! You can pick any player from any sport, and create dynamic entries by combining their stat projections and picking if they will go more/less than the projection. 2-3 is the safer route, but 5-6 stats lead to higher potential payouts.
The ways to play are nearly infinite! You can combine an NFL QB’s TDs with the free throws of an NBA player! Then, combine those with two of your favorite golf stars. The possibilities are endless, and winning is simple! Just ask our millions of users!


There is something for everyone - ranging from the fantasy football diehard to the casual sports fan. We offer an industry-leading amount of sports for you to play on:

- Fantasy Football
- Fantasy College Football
- Fantasy Basketball
- Fantasy College Basketball
- Fantasy esports
- Fantasy Baseball
- Fantasy Golf
- Fantasy Hockey
- Fantasy Tennis
- Fantasy Soccer
- Fantasy Cricket
- Fantasy Indian Premier League
- Fantasy MMA and UFC

& so many more!

PrizePicks is the first daily fantasy sports company to offer MIXED SPORT ENTRIES. That means you can win big on an entry that combines players from the NFL, NCAAF, CFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, PGA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, EPL, MLS, LOL, COD, CSGO, IPL and more! You can put LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, Mike Trout, and Tiger Woods in the same entry!


On PrizePicks, you can play it safe with a Flex Play (1 or 2 picks can lose), or you can strive for greatness with a Power Play!(All Power Play picks must win) Anyone can get 25x their entry for just getting 6 predictions correct, just ask our millions of members!


When you win, you can withdraw your cash instantly without any worries. Within 48 hours, your cash will be back in your selected account! If you win an NFL Fantasy Entry on Monday night, you’ll have the cash back in your account before the Thursday & Sunday games!

You can withdraw to any bank account, PayPal account, or debit card that you have previously used to deposit funds.


US and Canada residents only (excluding Ontario). Users must be 19 or older (21+ in MA). PrizePicks is available to residents 19+ in AK, AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WI, WY. 21+ in AZ, MA.

In Michigan, we're offering our new "Free to Play" version! Paid DFS is no longer available so no deposits or payouts, just free PrizePoints to win real prizes if you're a top user!


PrizePicks offers a number of promotions to help you maximize your winnings and enhance the fun. These include:

Sign Up Offers (Use PLAYBOOK for a 100% deposit match up to $100!)
Discounted player projections
Payout boosts
Protected Plays
Flash Sales
Reward Challenges


“PrizePicks is an amazing gaming app. It’s a fun and competitive fantasy sports competition. It really works the mind and makes you think hard about player matchups and how they will play against competitors. Have to say my experience is over the top. (Rodrick Smith Via TrustPilot)

If you or someone you know is or may be experiencing a compulsive-play problem, it is important to remember that assistance, intervention, and treatment are available. Resources that are committed to providing professional and compassionate service to all interested persons include:

Responsible gambling:
Call: 1.800-426-2537 or access
Call: 1.800-522-4700 National Council on Problem Gambling or access

What's new in v11.9.2

SidePrize, LLC released v11.9.2 for PrizePicks - Fantasy Game 18 days ago and here's their update message:


• New types of player offerings
• Minor bug fixes


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PrizePicks - Fantasy Game User Reviews

What users say about PrizePicks - Fantasy Game

Spotty service?

I like this app a lot but there have been multiple times that I will fill out a slip but it will not allow me to put money on it. It’s very inconvenient as lines change regularly so if you aren’t able to place a bet at a certain time because the app isn’t working correctly it’s a major issue. I’m thinking about deleting the app because of the huge inconvenience.


Beau Corey


Do not download!!

This app basically has stolen my initial deposit.. whatever you deposit, you can not withdraw it until you have “played through it” meaning that you have to gamble all of the deposit before you can withdraw your money.. and that’s if you have any left after you have gambled it.. if I would’ve know this initially, I would’ve never deposited anything.. they must’ve paid for positive reviews.. after looking through them now, I’ve seen the same 5 star reviews with the wording multiple times…and customer service is a bot.. so yeah.. my money is just stuck in the app and in top of that, they don’t even have any betting options that I would want to wager on.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.. DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY!!!


Unpleased 12


My email was correct and they didn’t see me anything and y’all just made me lose money

I contacted price picks to let them know I’m having trouble verifying my email and they kept acting the dumb game




Scam or Fraud

Scan and a Fraud I was attempting to request funds from a recent winning. However, I was locked out of my account. I contacted customer service to rectify the issue, and after providing a copy of my ID front and back and a selfie of myself with my ID, I was still refused. The customer service agent had a personal bias and refused any form of ID I provided. The instructions were to provide a “clear image” of the ID, which I did in the form of a scan, not once was I told that I could not provide a “clear image” in the form of a scan. iPhones do in fact allow you to scan images into a pdf. And this is the reason I was not provided my winnings, as they did not accept my “images” Really? But you are very willing to accept my funds when I lose. Any organization which does not pay on their agreements is a fraud and cannot be trusted.




Little tweaks

Love the app it’s sooo seamless and I’ve already made money!!! But it would be nice to have continuous stat updates for all sport events not just prime time (pun intended) instead of stressing until after the canelo fight or smaller ncaa games to see if I won or lost


Rene Elias


Based on state

CO is too restrictive in what you can and can’t bet on for PP




Money take out

Wish you guys had Santander









Legit Awful

Do I even have to say anything? Every other review recently is saying the same thing, they will let you deposit with any payment method but won’t let you withdraw with the same method. Such a crazy company I’m so surprised nobody has sued them yet because this is such a reoccurring matter. This app is legit a scam don’t use it!




Don’t use if you’re in Alabama

Options are trash for use in Alabama. Not the developers fault that state law restricts it, but because of restrictions it’s crap.




doodle2 doodle6

PrizePicks - Fantasy Game

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