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GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist


About GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist

What can GoWish be used for?
GoWish is your digital wishlist, where you can create and save all your wishes in one place. Download the GoWish app, create a profile, and add wishes that you can easily share with all your friends. The app makes it easy for your friends and family to reserve and purchase your wishes.

With the app, you can create your gift wishes wherever you are. You can add wishes to your wishlists from any online store in the world - there are no limitations.

Also, use the app to keep track of things you need to remember to buy for yourself.
It has never been easier to share a wishlist than with the GoWish app. Share wishlists with your friends using the app, share via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, or one of your other favorite media.

Avoid duplicate gifts:
One of the significant advantages of using the app is that you won't receive duplicate gifts for birthdays, Christmas, confirmations, weddings, etc. Your guests can see what is being reserved by other guests - without you, of course, being able to see it yourself.
You can use the GoWish app, or you can use GoWish through your browser. As a user, you always have your wishlist at hand. Easy and simple.

Super easy to use:
If you come across something you want, you can save it in two ways.

If it's on a website, you can save your wish directly with a single click on the wish button in your share-menu on your iPhone or iPad.
You can also copy the link to your gift wish and then go to the app and press "create wish automatically," paste the link, and the app takes care of the rest :)

We recommend that you use one of the two automatic methods to create your wishes, making it super easy for your friends to find and buy exactly what you want.
All your wishes end up in the same place and are accessible, whether you use the app on your iPhone, iPad, or log in to our website.

Benefits of using the digital universe og GoWish:

Easily create all kinds of wishes from all online stores worldwide
Save wishes online with just one click on the wish button
You can create all the wishlists you need
You can create a wishlist with your partner - e.g., a wedding wishlist
You can create wishlists on behalf of family members or friends
You can share wishlists digitally with your friends and family
Avoid wrong gifts or two of the same gift
Get inspiration from friends and family when exchanging wishlists
You can follow your friends' wishlists
You can find inspiration for your next wishlist from all the coolest brands

GoWish - wishes should be saved, not forgotten.

What's new in v6.5.3

Onskeskyen ApS released v6.5.3 for GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist 8 days ago and here's their update message:

Christmas is coming, and we are trying not to disturb you too much, but bug fixing and optimising the platform to make sure your wish lists make it through the holidays. This update contains an longer list of smaller fixes and optimisations, that will make the app even better to use. Merry Christmas!

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GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist User Reviews

What users say about GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist

Can’t add Amazon products

I love the app appearance and the way it works but I’m trying to make me Christmas list and some of the products I want are on Amazon but I can’t add them any way I try.


(Bob & jim)!!!!!!👉👈



I kept seeing ads for this in tiktok and thought it would be a scam sight. One day I saw enough ads and I had things piled up in notes app so I downloaded it… I LOVE IT. it makes it so easy to organize things and i love how i can create multiple wishlists so i can organize it into expensive things and cheaper things for relatives. I will use this for every wishlist I ever make




very nice app

i love organizing my wishlists and this app makes it so easy to do so!




It’s great but eh

I love this app and it helps me be organized but on the down side, it will not let me add some things on my list and when I paste the link it doesn’t let me add it and doesn’t let me press the button. Please anyone tell me if there’s an answer on why this is happening or how to fix it.


Bog Hart


Hate it

It would not let me add a wish it was a waste of time


Kamlin jule nix



It is good 😀😀😀


My love sandu


Every shopping addicts dream

I have literally never written a review for an app before, but this felt deserved. I’m addicted to online shopping and this app makes it so easy to keep track of what’s on your list without having to go to a million different websites and add stuff to cart. It tells you the price right under the photo and you can share your list with other people, so I’m using it to make my Christmas list.





Not gonna lie this app is great!


Gina Ros



dude i love this app so much and u can share it to whoever! love how u can pick “ulta” and they take u right there! i also love how they show the price on my list!


d huksfsdubjdsf



I love it! Honestly this app is just great download it! It's worth it, it keeps track of everything such as birthdays, holidays, an more!!




doodle2 doodle6

GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist

GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist is available to download on App Store.

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