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About Tubi: Movies & Live TV

Dive into rabbit holes of 50K+ movies, series and live TV, with 3X fewer ads than cable, but 100% free, 100% of the time. No paywall, ever. And no subscription or credit card required.

Did we mention it’s free?

Perks and features:
Watch your favorite A-list stars, hit titles and genres!
Explore international titles: Spanish-speaking movies, TV shows, telenovelas & more.
Build your own watchlist for the perfect movie night or binge sesh.
Browse 50K+ titles spanning 40+ genres–and it grows weekly.
Pick up where you left anytime when you register.
Stream TV live and always know what’s on with Tubi’s extensive guide.

You’ll find some of the biggest names and studios in entertainment right here–with genres spanning Drama, Kids & Family, Spanish-Speaking, Horror and so much more.

Get your laughs from some of the all-time funniest flicks, including ‘90s classics like The Mask, and Bio Dome. Want a feel-good TV show? Binge comedic gold like The Nanny and Bewitched.

Catch a selection of high-stakes features and edge-of-your-seat nail-biters, from The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to Taken. TV more your speed? Tubi serves up plenty of drama there, too, including hits like 21 Jump Street and Third Watch.

Kids & Family
Relive the magic of childhood with classics you loved as a kid like The Goonies and contemporary family-friendly adventures like LEGO Ninjago.

En Español
¡Mira películas en Español! From action to animation, Spanish-speaking characters come to life with these incredible stories, including native-language and dubbed movies.

Add some extra fear factor to your next fright night with a huge selection of new and iconic scary thrillers, from Evil Dead to The Predator.

Tubi Originals
Treat yourself to fresh, premium movies and TV shows created just for you with Tubi Originals.

Like movies that pack a punch? Or just love a good car chase? Tubi will satisfy that fists-of-fury fix with heart-pounding household names starring big-screen faves like Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage and Jason Statham.

Transport yourself to a world of action-fantasy, futuristic intrigue and other thrilling animated adventures. With popular titles including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Sonic X Tubi is a go-to for everything from classic blockbusters to brand new shows airing weekly.

Korean Movies
Known for creativity and innovation, Korean cinema is a tradition all its own. Whether you’re a newb or a fanatic, you’ll find a wealth of classics, dramas, comedies and more.

You’ll never ask, “what’s on?”
Tubi has collections for every mood and interest, including cult classics, hidden gems and stuff you won’t find on Netflix or anywhere else. You can explore top titles under Trending Now or head straight for the best under Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes. Feeling adventurous? Dive into our Find Your Next Rabbit Hole section—you might find your next (healthy) addiction.

Live TV
It’s live, it’s free and comes with 3x fewer ads than cable! Plus a handy guide to tell you what’s on and when.

Live Sports
Calling all die-hards, casual fans and backseat refs! You can watch live games, interviews and talk shows on channels like FOX Sports, the MLB Network and Racing America.

Latest News
Infomaniacs of the world, unite. Tubi is a hub for everything from local journalism like FOX to world coverage with the BBC. Catch everything from the latest entertainment news or the latest financial and market updates with Business News.

Follow the weather.
Rain or shine, Tubi’s got you covered. Chase the latest storm or just see if you need an umbrella today, with channels including FOX Weather and WeatherNation.

How to watch?
Anytime, anywhere! Tubi is available on 30+ devices, including Roku. Easily sync your profile across multiple devices and cast to your favorite TV with Chromecast and Airplay.

Ready to lose yourself in hours of addictive streaming? Tubi is 100% free, 100% of the time. Download today–the rabbit hole awaits!

What's new in v7.22.1

Tubi, Inc released v7.22.1 for Tubi: Movies & Live TV Yesterday and here's their update message:

Bug fixes and improvements.


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Tubi: Movies & Live TV User Reviews

What users say about Tubi: Movies & Live TV


Now your app isn’t playing at all. I’m really ticked now


Delta Dawn73


i love tubi!!

you would think theres nothing to watch on there, everyday i find something to keep me hooked. idk if the live tubi has been here for a long time and i havent noticed but i LOVEE the live tubi!!




Bring it I lose sound

I’ll watch it and all of a sudden I’ll lose sound


Momma whitlow


Get more shows

Needs more old tv series Laramie and bonanza and the big valley and Gunsmoke lot west show and Disney movies.


Rosemary clooney


App won’t work with tracker blockers

Tubi won’t load when you have a tracker blocking app running. It’s a disappointment that you have to agree for them to track what you do to use the app. Looks like I’m going to have to pass on using Tubi.





I love that you have leap on this app. I also love that you have Space Jam. Have a good day /night.




Make an account! For Parental Controls 😀

The parental controls work great. When you set it up, it will block all movies and tv shows above that rating from showing in search functionality, recommendations and completely remove them. While this doesn’t prevent you from having to still make sure pg or content is good for your child or family without some supervision it does limit most adult or r rated content. This only works with a account if you use free it will show everything and anything. Overall this is one of the best free apps with parental controls and a kids mode I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind a lot of British, Japanese and foreign films in general could be miss rated as PG when it in fact should be tv-ma or r. Thus please do research before watching with the family. Update: privacy policy leads much to be desired




Tubi is awesome

Honestly Tubi has lots of great movies that other steaming services won’t even offer, or that they will take away. They also have a cool selection of independent films and queer films which is what I’m personally looking for. I don’t mind the commercial ads at all either, I love Tubi




Your rating system is rigged.

I received the prompt to rate your app and it wouldn’t let me rate anything but 5 stars before submitting.


Rigged Rating


Bargainista 101

I love love love TUBI. Everyone that I have told to watch it really loves it!


Bargainista 101


doodle2 doodle6

Tubi: Movies & Live TV

Tubi: Movies & Live TV is available to download on App Store.

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